About Seizures
Absence Seizures also called Petit Mal seizure: is a generalized seizure that effects the entire brain, but not the body. The person usually stares off into space for about thirty seconds to one minute. Their eyes might roll up  (unconscious) They can not hear you or feel you. After they come out of it they do not realize they had a seizure because they feel like they did before the seizure occurred and move on with what they were doing. These seizures do cause a loss of memory. They forget things like the most recent information. They might forget things they recently learned. These seizures can  become a Grand Mal Tonic- Clonic Seizure. Absence Seizures usually occur in children. They eventually grow out if it, but some children start having Grand Mal or other types of seizures after they grow out of Absence Seizures.
Grand Mal Seizures also called Tonic Clonic Seizure: is a generalized seizure that effects the entire brain and body. The person falls down with his or her entire body shaking (loss of muscle control)  and loss of consciousness. This seizure can last one to five minutes. If it lasts more then five minutes call 911. Do to the strength of the seizure it can take the person twenty-four hours too a few days to recover. Some people wear a helmet to avoid head trauma for Grand Mal Seizures.

Simple Partial Seizure: The person remains conscious, but parts of the body starts shaking, gets stiff, and they can't focus very well because the seizure is using up all of their energy. They could be jerking for a few minutes to over an hour. Simple Partial Seizures can change into a Complex Partial Seizure. Simple Partial Seizures are divided into four categories.
1.Motor Simple Partial Seizures symptoms is the muscles jerking and getting stiff. 
2.Sensory Simple Partial Seizures  is when the seizure affects the vision, hearing, scene of smell, taste or touch. 
3. Automatic Simple Partial Seizures effects the nervous system that controls the organs of the body. Example: stomach, bladder heart, intestines.
4. Psychological Simple Partial Seizures effects the memory and emotions.
Simple Partial Seizures can spread to other parts of the brain and eventually become a Secondary Generalized Seizure if it hits the entire brain. (Grand Mal Tonic-Clonic Seizure)
Complex Partial Seizure: The person goes unconscious and will start wandering off somewhere. They might start running, playing with their clothes, (stripping) not realizing what they are doing.  Start smacking their lips, drooling, gulping, spitting, or chewing up their mouth. Blood can start pouring out of the mouth from chewing up their mouth, but there is nothing you can do to stop it. Sometimes they also urinate in their pants. Also their eyes might start blinking, turning their head, or raising an arm. If you touch the person there is a good chance they will hit you because they are not conscious. If you touch the person do it very softly and slowly with a soft voice.
Status: Status starts when the person has been unconscious more than five minutes from one or a cluster of seizures happening one after another staying unconscious. Status can happen with any type of seizure. Symptoms of Status: Stop breathing (turning blue), choking, Vomiting, pulmonary edema, and death.There are two types of Status. Convulsive and Non-convulsive. Convulsive is more noticeable, it comes from Grand Mall Tonic-Conic and Myoclonic Seizures.
Non-convulsive seizures come from Partial Seizures. They might be confused or sleepy, it is hard to notice this type of status. Status is a medical emergency, call 911 right away!
Tonic Seizures: is when the muscles start stiffening. Stiffening in the chest can cause the heart to stop beating. This can be a serious seizure because of the stiffening in the chest
Clonic Seizures: Both sides of the body starts jerking at the same time. 
Myoclonic Seizure: The body starts jerking randomly with no pattern. The patient can get violent and may drop or throw something involuntarily. Sometimes the patient describes the seizure as an electrical shock.

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