About Jennifer
Once You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Do It
 Champion The Challenged

            Epilepsy Treatment Advocate 
                                 Sylmar CA
Jennifer Strigle Enterprises 
You are not alone
I (Jennifer Strigle) am the president and an inspirational and motivational speaker of Champion the Challenged. I am a speaker who inspires and motivates individuals and groups to be more confident and independent.

Established in 2003 and serving clients online since 2007, I have years of experience in providing valuable insight on a one-one basis as well as to small and large audiences on issues related to the disabled and the abused in a manner that nobody else can replicate (Personal Experience). I have gotten complements because of my profound commitment to serving the needs of my clients
Fall 2011 I helped Carrie Lopez at "love for autism" get permition to have a lemonade stand at Cal State Northidge to raise money for autism. 

  I did an educational speech on epilepsy on September 15, 2009 at Louisville High School in Woodland Hills CA


  2004 I was asked to make a point at a live press conference 

  2003 I did an educational speech on epilepsy for Cyberonics at the Queen Marry in Long Beach CA. 

  In 2002 I did a educational speech on epilepsy for Cyberonics at USC.
Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Public Speaker

  •  Graduated California State University of Northridge BA  Communication Studies May 2015


Proclamation for the twentieth aniversery on the Americans With Disability Act from The White House 2011

Deans Award for 3.5 GPA from Los Angeles Mission College 2003

You were a true gift to our students and me. I so appreciated meeting you and thanks for all you did to uplift us all out of places of pity and darkness in handling all the curve balls life throws our way. 
Mary Marzorati, Registered Nurse, Counselor

Jennifer, Thank you for being a huge inspiration at our education events. You have given a  hope to so many. Your determination has helped to change so many lives. Thank you!
Connie Mack Registered Nurse BSN Case Manager
"Jennifer always put 110% effort into the work that she did and learned during her station internship. She is a very dedicated and hard worker who is extremely focused on always doing the best job possible. I wish everyone could have the same work ethic that Jennifer has."
Terri Dourian, Executive Assistant/Office Manager Power 106

I want to thank you and to congratulate you on the wonderful presentation you gave at Louisville several weeks ago.I was truly inspired by you, Jennifer. Thank you for taking the time to come and share with us. You are amazing.
Gratefully and fondly,
Sister Maria