Vagus Nerve 

The Vagus Nerve Stimulatorlator was designed by Cyberonics. It is a device implanted in the upper left chest and connected to the the Vagus Nerve in the neck. The V N S sends an electrical signal through the Vagus Nerve to the brain to stop seizures. The doctor must identify the appropriate timing and strength for each patient. If the patient feels a seizure is approaching,he or she has  the opportunity to put the magnet to their chest for a few seconds, to turn on the VNS that will then stop the seizure. If the seizure does occur, it more than likely will mellow out the seizure. Many patients who have the V N S implanted are able to get their medications lowered and have a more decent life. The Vagus Nerve Stimulator is allowed to be implanted in children.
I give credit to Cyberonics for the use of these images.
Black Magnet

April 15 2009 I had 5 auras and 2 seizures. When I was using the magnet to turn my VNS on I realized the strength was not normal. I was allot weaker then I was use to. I also had to use the magnet 2 times to turn it on a couple of times.
April 26 2009 I had 6 auras and 2 seizures and the VNS did the same thing.
May 4 2009 I had 3 seizures. The VNS did the same thing.
May 11 2009 I had 4 seizures. The VNS did the same thing.
May 17, 2009 I was fighting a seizure on and off all day. had 1 seizures at 7:30PM. The VNS did the same thing all day.
May 22 I had 3 small auras early in the morning and went into surgery at 7:30AM at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital to replace the VNS battery with a new one. This was my third surgery. It lasted 3 hours. After I woke up I already felt a difference like I did with my first surgery in 1995. I am already feeling so much better.
May 23 not one aura or seizure since the surgery, and I had 3 small auras before the surgery.
May 25th. I took my first one hour and fifteen minute walk in months. NO PROBLEMS!
May 26, 2009: I woke up tired. I was resting all day. It was the opposite of yesterday. At 6:30PM I took a 50 min. walk and felt great after it. I waited for the heat to cool down.
May 27, 2009: I was on and off the computer all day. The focusing made me tired. I had more energy then yesterday.
June 19, 2009 I am totally recovered from the surgery. I rode my bike on the 15th for the first time in two months. No problems! I am doing great. 
July 29, 2009. I had my check up with my epileptologest. He was happy with the results and said we are back on track. 
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