Guide on Epilepsy

Is your child having a hard time keeping up in class? They may seem to be not paying attention in class. What might be going on is a Petit-Mal seizure. Your child may be doing their best work.
Is everything going in one ear and out the other? That does not mean they are not listening to you or not paying attention. Talk to the doctor about the side effects from the medication.
Have you tried everything to influence your child to do or understand there  homework? (yes) Talk to the school about getting them a tutor, and evaluate the situation. If a tutor does not work, talk to them about giving your child a learning disability evaluation test. 
Being patient is the best thing you can do for your child. Let them know you care. They will try harder. Their confidence and self esteem will boost, and as time goes by you will see a positive difference. Comparing a child to your self or to others will do the opposite. 
While your child's neurologist, and/or psychologist is working hard to cure your child, stay just as active. Being positive is how to show your love. In the long run you will be proud on what you have done for your child. Express your self in loving words. He or she will listen to you more then you realize it.
Medications are a tricky business. It's very important that you keep your doctor informed when you notice behavioral changes such as your child becoming hyper active, sleepy, or bursting with anger. These symptoms might be an allergic reaction to the medication. It may be destroying the child's self confidence thereby making the child act unlike them self.
This is were things get complicated and can easily go the wrong way.
Allow Your Child to do what they want to. Make it a better place for your child. Such as ride a bike, go swimming, run, play in little leagues, watch movies, play with their friends, or enjoy video games. They will learn street smart strategies and be more social. There confidence and sef esteem will get stronger. When they become an adult, they will have a higher chance of becoming independent.  

Stimulate your child he or she is capable of learning something new. Especially if they are eager to learn it.  If they are interested in music, dancing, acting, sports, computers, etc., help them find out more information about it. If they like it enough, get them lessons. Encourage them to keep up with it.! If it is like skiing or swimming, make sure you or someone else is watching them.

Be careful on over-protecting your child. It is difficult because as a parent you want to protect them.There is a fine line between protecting and over-protecting. It is better to let them explore the world than to become isolated. At the same time you want to offer realistic safe-guards as they pursue their goals.
Is your daughter in puberty?  Are her seizures getting worse? Are you scared she might get pregnant?  Talk to her doctor and/or a gynecologist  about what you might think is write for your daughter. Getting pregnet could or could not make her seizures worse. Epilepsy medications can weaken the birth control pill. Personally, I would not take the birth control or shot. Everybody is different. 

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