Epilepsy: I can advise what might be best for you or your child. I will show you creative ways to deal with the various situations and effects of the epilepsy. I can answer 99% of questions related to epilepsy. I skillfully can help you understand the emotional effects from epilepsy and help focus on working on an inspiring life.

Once You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Do It
 Champion The Challenged

Certainty subconsciously affects everyone on a daily basis.The certainty you have in yourself relates to how you handle your daily life, or problems to get over the minor and major hurdles that life gives us? I promise  Difficulties can be reduced to simple steps with the right attitude.

Have you been insulted?
Think clear! Think of all the brilliant and competent things you have accomplished. Think of the largests wall you have knocked down by yourself.

  • If you have some issues and you think you've tried everything and nothing has worked, don't give up.You can find your way around your problem. 
  • Have you let other people's thoughts or opinions about you take control of your certainty? Remember, this is your life, Not theirs!  Nobody knows better than you on what you are capable of doing. Belive in your self. face your problems and  take back the control.

Behavioral Problems
Behavioral Problems

  • Are you confused or frustrated by your child's chronic bad behavior?

  • Maybe you think your life is taking a downward spiral? Could it be that your child's behavior is due to medication or else needs more appropriate medication. Could that be causing the change in attitude?

  • Perhaps your child has told you something that you simply can't believe.  

  • Is a child acting up or spacing our in your classroom and you don't know what to do about it

You might be able to benefit from my own experience in solving negative behaviors. I have a wealth of experience you might use to quickly stop your child's negative behaviors 

Not all of my speeches are on epilepsy. Epilepsy is my expertise. 
                     Epilepsy Treatment Advocate 
                                        Sylmar CA
Jennifer Strigle
You are not alone
Is someone telling you colloge or anything else isn't for you!?
Do you have transportation problems ?
There are ways to work your way around your problems.
Arguing is a wast of time
Nobody is the same
Nobody sees the same thing the same way 
Nobody Learns the same
Nobody uses the same strategy to communicate

Everybody is Different
Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Public Speaker