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 Champion The Challenged
 you are not alone
Once You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Do It

Help people develop certainty in themselves.
Help people transform their existence to having an amazing future
Help people deal with misunderstanding or stereotyping of different types of people
Teach how to stand up for yourself
Teach how to handle epilepsy
​Execute on how to handle abuse
​The purpose of my speeches is.to help people with their challenges and learn how they can have a normal life. I educate and inform society, groups, and individuals on coping with personal problems. I have years of experience in providing valuable insight to small and large audiences on issues and well one on one related to people with a disability and the abused in a manner that nobody else can replicate.I am not a doctor.

President George H. W. Bush signing  the ADA law in 1990
Epilepsy Treatment Advocate
                     Sylmar CA
Jennifer Strigle Enterprises 
Do you feel important?
Decision is an automatic change.
Progress is steps that leads to.Progress that helps you grow.
What is holding you back? Are you letting your feelings or emotions take control of your life?
What are you focused on or why aren't you focused on something to make your next step forward or solve a problem? 
Are you alone or do you have a connection?

Has some one told you can do something or have you told yourself you can't do something? Have you moved on or do you have uncertainty?

Clarify disabilities epilepsy can cause
Reduce mental, physical, and sexual abuse.
Influence legislators and, advocate for additional funding support.

Local Speeches are volunteer
Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Public Speaker